Greater Snow Geese | Birds of Canada

Leaving the Arctic before the end of summer, Greater Snow Geese migrate south over Quebec. They feed here for several weeks, then continue on to their wintering grounds on the East Coast of the United States. A 4000 km journey! Migratory birds on Bylot Island, Arctic Canada     WildlifePublished on 2011-07-18Revised on 2024-03-19 However I got here, just […]

Filmmaker Kelly Saxberg | Ron Harpelle, Professor of History

In 2007, filmmaker Kelly Saxberg and history professor Ron Harpelle were working on a documentary series entitled Citizens of the World. Kelly Saxberg and Ron Harpelle: Cinema in the service of humanity Canada     EncountersPublished on 2007-09-20Revised on 2024-04-10 Day 132 of my solo bike trip across Canada. Heavy rain falls during the night as I sleep in a […]

Rideau Canal | Ottawa History

According to the original plan, only small barges would have been able to pass through the Rideau Canal locks. By suggesting larger locks, Lieutenant Colonel By’s foresight made it possible to accommodate steamboats then, and today, a wide variety of craft. The surprising history of the Rideau Canal Canada     HistoryPublished on 2007-08-30Revised on 2024-04-10 Why didn’t […]

Parliament of Canada | Centennial Flame

Many people, myself included, believe that the Centennial Flame has been burning since its inauguration, and that it will burn forever in front of the Canadian Parliament. In reality, it requires several maintenance stops, the main one being to replace the water in the fountain with nontoxic glycol before the first frost. A little love […]

Albert Leblanc, the astonishing octogenarian cyclist

How can you describe the energy that emanates from this man, his smile, his simplicity? Albert LeBlanc is an ordinary man who has lived extraordinary stories! Albert Leblanc, the astonishing octogenarian cyclist Canada     EncountersPublished on 2007-07-30Revised on 2024-04-10 Day 80 of my solo bike trip across Canada.  Just before leaving paleontologist Olivier Matton and his family, his […]

Fossils | Miguasha National Park

Here’s the famous Prince of Miguasha Eusthenopteron foordi, emblem of the Miguasha site for over a century. A quest for hidden treasures in Miguasha National Park Canada     WildlifePublished on 2007-07-28Revised on 2024-04-10 As a child, I loved to dig in the earth in search of hidden treasures. I’d search entire rock piles for THE perfectly preserved shell […]

Charlottetown | Inspiring Catherine Hennessey

“I’m Acadian, Scottish, Irish and even a little British. I’m very proud of my roots!” says Catherine Hennessey. Catherine Hennessey, protecting Charlottetown’s architectural heritage Canada     EncountersPublished on 2007-07-09Revised on 2024-04-10 Day 59 of my solo bike trip across Canada. What could be more natural in Charlottetown than to meet a woman with a passion for history? After […]

ENGLISH(Pêcheur Norman Peters | North Rustico)

ENGLISH(« Il est difficile pour moi d’expliquer pourquoi j’aime la mer, dit Norman, du fond de ses yeux perçants. C’est dans mon sang ! ») ENGLISH(Norman Peters : heureux au milieu des vagues et des poissons) Canada     EncountersPublished on 2007-07-06Revised on 2024-03-20

Province House PEI | Confederation

The birthplace of Confederation, Province House is also the seat of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island, since 1847. A curious feature of this historic Charlottetown building is that the front and back facades are virtually identical. Province House, the birthplace of Canadian Confederation Canada     HistoryPublished on 2007-07-03Revised on 2024-04-10 Day 54 of my solo bike […]

Acadian family | Foundation of Grand Pré around 1680

Suzanne Melanson represents the tenth generation of a famous Acadian family. Like France, the Acadian flag features the colours blue, white and red. A yellow star provides the only distinction with the country of their ancestors. “Acadia is my identity, my roots,” Suzanne Melanson. Canada     EncountersPublished on 2007-06-24Revised on 2024-04-10 Day 44 of my solo bike trip […]