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    A black-skinned singer opens his arms wide towards the sky during a show.
    “In France, a Music Day is organized every year and we talk about it for three months. Here, it’s three months of music and celebration, an uninterrupted festival.” Louis Duvernois | In 2006, singer Gregory Charles entertained Canada Day and unveiled his Canadian Rhythms show.

    Montreal’s festivals | Unforgettable memories in photos

    Here’s a photographic tribute to the incredible diversity of festivals in Montreal. What memorable encounters and memories!

    In our Coffee Table Book on Montreal, journalist Éric Clément and I wanted to celebrate the city of Montreal by presenting the love stories of such diverse personalities as Frédéric Back, Clairette, Jérôme Ferrer, Paul Buissonneau and Chantal Jolis. Even today, their stories seem appropriate to illustrate these images!

    Show stage and colored lights with an electric guitar player wearing smoked glasses and a leopard-style hat.
    “We go to the Jazz Festival, the Francofolies, for the atmosphere and to walk around downtown. It’s great. Summer festivals are a real bonus.” Jean Gounelle

    Crowd gathered at night on a street lined with buildings and trees, with a night-lit stage in the distance.
    “The day I arrived, Montreal was in the middle of a Jazz festival. I was impressed, especially when I arrived on the Place des Arts esplanade, which was packed with people. I remember the warmth and the feeling right from the start that people were relaxed and laid-back. It felt good.” Jérôme Minière

    Men and women in sportswear and helmets at the starting line of an inline skate race.
    “I’ve never been as attentive to the seasons as I am in Montreal.” Guy Cogeval | Skaters take off from the Jacques-Cartier Bridge during the Health Festival.

    Many blue and white flags are waved in the air by the crowd on Quebec’s national holiday.
    “It was by chance that I arrived here, with my little suitcase, and that I started from scratch, rebuilding my life” Chantal Jolis | June 24, celebration of Quebec’s national holiday, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day.

    A man walks in the middle of the street at night, holding in the air two watering cans from which a flammable product is on fire.
    “Montreal is a city where I walk all the time, winter and summer, because there are a thousand things I’ve never seen in Montreal.” Joël Le Bigot | Fire show with percussion group SAMAJAM at the 25th anniversary of the Just for Laughs Festival.

    Pink and purple ambiance with a harmonica player on a show stage.
    “In Montreal, you can really recharge with positive energy.” Nicolas Peyrac | Harmonica player at Festiblues.

    A lightly dressed woman dances close to the smoke of a yellow-lit stage.
    “Music festivals are popular because people are thirsty to get out after the great isolation of winter to celebrate the warmth” Chantal Jolis | Magical evening at the Street Arts Expressions festival.

    An African singer in traditional dress plays a large stringed instrument during a night show.
    “What’s wonderful about Montreal is its ethnic neighbourhoods, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Jewish, etc. It’s easier to live one’s ethnicity in Montreal than in Paris, Rome, Brussels or Madrid.” François Lubrina | N’Faly Kouyaté, Guinean kora master during the International African Nights Festival.

    Three women embrace and laugh out loud at a parade.
    “Quebecers aren’t French. They have a different perception of values. We’re discovering that as we live here.” Jean-Claude Gobé | Lesbian, gay, trans community parade during the Montreal Pride festival.

    Spectators from behind watching a dragon boat race. Colourful stands can be seen on the other side of the basin.
    “There’s a state of mind where we respect others much more than elsewhere.” Jean Gounelle | Montreal Dragon Boat Challenge at the Olympic Basin in Jean-Drapeau Park.

    A polar bear mascot poses with a dozen young women dressed in blue costumes and white bonnets.
    “It’s still a land of extremes, with an 80-degree difference between winter and summer.” Nicolas Peyrac | Boule de Neige and her friends the Saltimbanques at Montreal’s Snow Festival.

    Crowd gathered in the street near a painting from which a man’s face emerges from the canvas, along with his hands.
    “Montrealers and Quebecers in general are very good people. It’s great. They’re interested in everything. They’re very open and enthusiastic.” Aslan | Italian artist Renzo Betta presents his Live Painting show at the Just for Laughs festival.

    Details of double bass strings and musician’s hand during a show.
    “Montreal is a breeding ground for artists and creativity.” Olivier Moreaux | Acadian-Celtic-Louisian Festival.

    Three large white and red flags rise above a crowd gathered near a night-lit stage.
    “There aren’t many countries in the world like Canada.” Françoise Kayler | July 1, Canada Day celebration.

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