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    A woman crosses a stream pushing her loaded bike.
    Is it wise to embark on this adventure with our road bikes and two young children?

    An epic day…

    Suddenly, the rain joined our picnic. Quick! The boys’ shorts and T-shirts disappear beneath their waterproof clothing. Without a second thought, Vanessa and I grab our bikes and continue along the Alps 2 Ocean bike path. The rain quickly turns the dirt road into slippery mud. Leo has no choice but to walk. In several places, we even have to cross small streams swollen by the persistent rain. 

    At last, a ray of sunshine! We breathe a little while, admiring the wonderful view of Lake Ohau in the distance. A few more efforts, and then a sign announces, “altitude: 900 m”.

    Tired, Léo joins his brother in the chariot and the two of them fall asleep while Vanessa and I negotiate fifteen kilometres of thrilling downhill! Finally, this intense day ends at the rudimentary Round Bush campsite. Exhausted, we happily drop off our bikes a few metres from Lake Ohau. And while cooking pasta, we admire this blue treasure hidden in the heart of the Southern Alps.

    For more information, visit New Zealand Cycle Trails

    In a mountain setting, two children follow their mother on foot as she pushes her bike in the rain.
    Alps 2 Ocean is one of New Zealand’s most beautiful bike trails. Here’s the stretch between Omarama and Lake Ohau.

    A man pushes his loaded bike and a chariot along a muddy path.
    A German cyclist strongly discouraged us from taking this path because of our loaded bikes. He didn’t even mention the mud! Despite his initial glum expression, Léo enjoys playing in the trickling water.

    In a mountain setting, a woman pushes her loaded bike and that of her son along a rocky path.
    Léo is tired, so he climbs on his bike. Vanessa now has an extra twenty kilos to push!

    A woman smiles as her son lies on the rear rack of her loaded bike.
    A short break to eat some nuts and play with our two boys!

    A sign indicates the top of the bike path at 900 metres altitude.
    We covered seven kilometres in four hours…

    Sun rays over Lake Ohau in the mountains on a cloudy, rainy day.
    We’re approaching Lake Ohau in the heart of the Southern Alps, the 500 km-long mountain range on the South Island.

    A man and two children are cooking with a small stove on a pebble beach.
    After just 45 km in ten hours, we settle down on the shores of Lake Ohau to recharge our batteries.

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