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    Cape Reinga, a green hill, slopes down to a small sandy beach. In front of us, the Tasman Sea on the left meets the Pacific Ocean on the right.
    For the first time in my life, I observe a beach where the waves cross! At times, the strength of the currents is so powerful that the waves break against each other in impressive explosions of foam.

    Cape Reinga, the edge of a world…

    Here we are, with our bikes, at the most sacred spot in New Zealand! For the Māoris, the spirits of the dead travel here before heading back to the land of their ancestors. In the very north of the country, Cape Reinga is also where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean in a crash of waves. This is the edge of the world!

    At that moment, we had no idea that we’d be cycling this country for another six months in 2018. So, all in all, we stayed for a year…

    And what an incredible year it’s been discovering this country, exploring its natural beauty, emblematic cities and cultural diversity! Our family has a deep respect for Māori culture, and we were amazed by the richness of their traditions. After meeting Māori sculptor Timoti Moran, Vanessa, Léo, Lucas and I now wear a jade talisman around our necks.

    Even from Quebec and thousands of kilometres away, this sacred link connects us to New Zealand. Thank you very much!

    To learn more: Department of Conservation

    Some ten metres high, a white lighthouse stands facing the blue immensity of the Pacific Ocean.
    Easily accessible via a short footpath, we cycle to the Cape Reinga lighthouse.

    Coastal landscape where small waves glide over a long sandy beach.
    A path along Te Wērahi beach leads to Cape Maria van Diemen, the westernmost point of the North Island (further to the right and not visible in the image).

    Standing on a low stone wall overlooking the ocean, a young boy and his parents pose for the camera beside their loaded bicycles.
    This is the end of our first cycling trip to New Zealand. For long-distance hikers, the Te Araroa trail stretches for almost 3,000 km across the country’s two main islands. So Cape Reinga is either the beginning or the end of a great adventure!

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