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    A woman and her son on bicycles ride along a road on the west coast of New Zealand's South Island.
    As we pedaled along the West Coast, the beauty of the wilderness amazed us at each opportunity.

    New Zealand | Scenic Drive | West Coast

    The West Coast is a true paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. This 400 km stretch between Haast and Westport offers spectacular scenery. But be prepared for the West Coast, also known as the Wet Coat. Here, rainfall is not measured in millimetres or centimetres, but in metres! In short, expect the unexpected with the Wild West Coast!

    Why is Highway 6 so popular? It’s certainly because it’s the only gateway to many of the South Island’s beautiful destinations. For example, many visitors come here to explore Westland Tai Poutini National Park and Paparoa National Park. The towns of Hokitika and Greymouth offer the opportunity to discover local Māori traditions, as well as to understand the tumultuous era of the gold rush. Guaranteed to suit all tastes!

    To learn more, visit Tourism New Zealand.

    A woman rides her bicycle surrounded by lush fern vegetation.
    Due to the abundance of rainfall in some areas, New Zealand is home to around 200 species of fern. Some are just a few centimetres long, while fern trees grow to over ten metres.

    The shapes of rocky islets emerge from the mist, while flax leaves and flowers embellish the foreground of this photo.
    For many moons, the Tasman Sea has tirelessly sculpted these rocky islets, as well as mysterious caves and breathtaking cliffs.

    In the pouring rain, a woman poses for a photo with her loaded bicycle.
    By bicycle, we endure everything: rain, wind and heat. At the same time, we receive it all, thanks to our senses: the sounds, the smells, the smiles and the welcome of the people.

    Sandy beach at low tide and bicycle touring seen from inside a tent.
    By getting off the beaten track, we discover some truly idyllic spots.

    Sunset, with orange clouds reflecting on Lake Matheson and snow-capped mountains in the distance.
    A short walk leads to Lake Matheson, which offers stunning views of Mount Cook, the highest peak in the country.

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